SteadyPro Ruler™ - Incredible Jewelry Accessory

SteadyPro Ruler-  Built In Handle Holds It Steady & In Place
SteadyPro Ruler™ - Measures, Levels & Provides A Straight Edge
Handle Holds It Steady While You Measure, Mark, Cut or Level
SteadyPro Ruler™ - 24-Inch Folding Ruler Is A Must Have for Every Home and Workshop
SteadyPro Ruler™ Features:
  • 24-inch ruler with integrated handle and 2 built-in levels
  • EZ Grip handle makes it easy to hold in place and keep steady
  • Helps keep fingers away when cutting
  • Provides an extra-long straight edge for drawing or cutting
  • Includes both horizontal and vertical plumb levels
  • A must-have for every home and workshop
  • Great for hanging shelves, pictures, mirrors, and cabinets
  • Easily mark straight and level spots for drilling
  • Gradation in both Inches and Centimeters
  • Makes a great gift
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Offer Details: SteadyPro Ruler™ measures, levels & provides a straight edge! The secret is the built-in handle holds it steady & in place. Through this special offer, you get a SteadyPro Ruler™ for just $19.99 plus $6.99 P&H and we will include a second SteadyPro Rulerfor just an additional $6.99 P&H. Each offer ordered will total to $33.97.

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